Conditions page


LCL Grup S.R.L. is processing your private data (name, first name, date and place of birth, education, actual employer, current position, contacts) both automatically and manually.

The purpose of this data collection is mainly selection and placement of work force, self-assessment & development and career counseling. You are not forced to submit us your private data. These are necessary in order to facilitate your access to potential employers that are our clients. If you decline to submit us your private data, this will automatically lead to not being registered in LCL Grup SRL data base.

Your full consent regarding processing of your personal data is considered when you send us your private data or when you make public these data.

The registered information shall be processed by LCL Grup SRL and shall be communicated only to potential employers that are our clients. Your private data will not be transfered abroad. For your legal rights, you can address to us in writing.